2 Installation

In this section, the aim is to have everyone setup with R, RStudio, and RMarkdown.

2.1 Overview

*Duration 15 minutes

2.2 Questions

  • How do I install R?
  • How do I install rmarkdown?
  • How do I install LaTeX in a sane way?

2.4 RMarkdown

To ensure you are up to date, run the following script to install the packages.


2.5 A note on PDF

rmarkdown documents can be compiled to PDF, which is a great feature. In order to convert the documents to PDF, they use a software called LaTeX () (pronounced la-tek or lay-tek).

Installing LaTeX can be a pain, but thankfully there is an easier way to instlal it - tinytex. tinytex is an R package that installs a sane, lightweight (<200Mb) version of LaTeX.


If you get the following error, this is good! As it means that TeX has already been installed:

Error: Detected an existing tlmgr at /usr/local/bin/tlmgr. It seems TeX Live has been installed (check tinytex::tinytex_root()). You have to uninstall it, or use install_tinytex(force = TRUE) if you are sure TinyTeX can override it (e.g., you are a PATH expert or installed TinyTeX previously).

2.5.1 Problem solving with LaTeX

If you have any problems with installing tinytex, I reccomend you check out the tinytex FAQ page.

2.6 Test Script

You should be able to fun the following code on your machine