14 Captioning and referencing equations

This section introduces how to add captions to equations, and reference them in text. Note that when using captioning, you need to use the bookdown::html_document2 output.

14.1 Overview

  • Teaching: 5 minutes
  • Exercises: 5 minutes

14.2 Questions

  • How do I caption an equation?
  • How do I reference an equation?

14.2.1 Numbering equations

You can provide a number for an equation by adding \begin{equation} along with a label, provided with (\#eq:label)

\[\begin{equation} Y \sim X\beta_0 + X\beta_1 + \epsilon \tag{14.1} \end{equation}\]

You can then refer to the equation in text using \@ref(eq:model):

Our model is given in (14.1)

If you want to provide a specific number to the equation, you can use \tag{XX.XX}

\[ Y \sim X\beta_0 + X\beta_1 + \epsilon \tag{1} \]

14.3 Numbering equations

14.4 Referencing equations